We will offer many different workshops and lessons throughout the course of the weekend especially catering to the interests of attendees. Some of these will be decided on when we all get together. Here are a few we are planning to offer:

Intro to the CBOM family
For beginners or those transferring over from other instruments.

Finding and mastering your own style
Personalizing your choices within traditional music. Focusing on building your repertoire, whether singing/tuning/accompanying,

Plectrum Yoga
General "Right Hand Technique" Workshop for all levels. All of your expression comes from the right hand. Learn warm-ups, exercises, and technique to take your playing to the next level.

Traditional Repertoire(s)
Tunes/Songs old and new that many bouzouki players know and love. How to learn a serviceable repertoire of traditional Celtic tunes considering the time-honored strategies of learning by ear, tab or reading music.

Styles in the accompanying tradition
Approaches to accompanying Celtic music in particular, options, choices, and flavorings with respect to different accompanist philosophies.

More than just 1-4-5, folks: Modes in Celtic Music
Implications for understanding and accompanying the lyric line of tune or song. How those modes or scales do and don’t correspond to traditional forms of music most people have grown up with.

If you have suggestions or would like to see a specific topic covered, don't hesitate to suggest it! Our faculty has a broad range of interests and experience.